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Rayootech Retail Solutions focusing on supermarkets, convenience stores,department stores, specialty stores, shopping centers, the system provides store management system, headquarters management system, distribution center management system and O2O solution.

Headquarters system

The system contains the basic data archiving, suppliers and contract management,purchase order management, sales management,  appraising financial settlement management, financial interface,  decision analysis, report management, system management functions.

Store system

Chain store system is composed of POS system and the background system, including sales management,  document management, goods management,  inventory management, invoicing statements, promotion management,decision-making analysis report, system management.

Member management system
Membership information system has registration,membership rights management, score management,  prepaid rechargecard management,  recycling, shopping voucher, ID-POS data analysis functions, the system is able to carry more members and stored value card in one management.

Distribution center system

Distribution center system includes data warehouse management, approval on the shelves,  sorting,  processing,  transfer,  loss report,  inventory, accounts management,system management functions. The overall architecture can support multi distribution centers and multi-distribution center mode .

O2O marketing system

The system is designed to solve the fusion problem of retail enterprise online business and offline business, including marketing information maintenance, review,publishing and mobile phone  APP functions

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