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GAP rapid application development platform provides a complete set of technical environment and solutions, its main function includes a base frame, platform engine, a rapid development tool and component library , etc..


Through GAP, enterprise customers can improve development efficiency, increase software reuse,  improve enterprise software product quality, enhance the ductility of software ability.


The GAP platform is aimed at BSS/MSS, CRM, SCM, EIP, ERP, OA and other applications, can be used in finance, insurance, distribution and other industries in the area of enterprise level.

GAP is committed to solve three key problems in current software development process:  software process, software reuse problems, rapid development problem. To solve these problems means that GAP can provide better quality software for customers, reduce customer TCO.

The GAP has a standard item framework, file structure and code specification, it also provides the base standard solution of unit testing and integration testing scheme, and online development data dictionary, which are to ensure the construction project based on the GAP platform has good maintain-ability and expandability.

The GAP platform has perfect document system, including specifications, manuals and FAQ, training documentation, knowledge community.


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