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Billing System Solution


Billing System Solution intends to make the insurance business, financing, and reinsurance incorporated. Specially, linking the business process and financing process tightly, the Billing System serves as the bridge between the insurance business system and the financing general ledger system, and ensures the bidirectional flow and effective share of the business data stream and the financing data stream.


Finance Company Solution

Based on the modern management technology, the service-entered Finance Company Solution provided by RayooTech is a system operation model characterized by  "centralized data memory, centralized application operation, united account admission, separated transaction, and consistent support". With this solution, you can build an effective business management system which integrated business operation network and business data to meet the need of complicated business management and decision making such as inner balance, financial accounting, capital management, credit management.


Credit Assessing System Solution

The Credit Assessing System Solution aims at building a management platform to manage and analyze the data in credit assessing to meet the needs of more effective knowledge accumulation, standardized management process, and higher work efficiency by transaction. It will make the information digitalized, management standardized and decision-making more scientific with the assessing data processed online.


Life Insurance Reinsurance System Solution

The Life Insurance Reinsurance System Solution brings benefits to the enterprises with management perfection through inner business risk control, higher work efficiency and reliable support to the reinsurance management process.



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